Factors to consider when buying a FSBO

Buyers who have made the decision to purchase their home from a seller who is not using the representation of a real estate agent need the legal representation of an experienced real estate attorney more than ever. There are a few things to pay extra attention to when you are buying a home that is for sale by owner.

Almost the most important thing to be wary of when buying a FSBO home is that they may not have the home priced as accurately as they should. One issue that many people struggle with when pricing their home is that they can not factor in the cost of any emotional attachment that they have to the home. If you believe that the seller has inflated the price after assessing the sale price of comparable houses in the neighborhood. Your real estate attorney can try to negotiate with the seller and explain to them why they should readjust the price.

Another reason why it is so crucial to have legal representation when purchasing a home that is for sale by owner is because the seller is likely not familiar with the laws that apply in terms of real estate transactions. If your attorney believes that the seller is not following laws, they can provide you with assistance. If the deal gets sketchy, your real estate attorney may advise you to keep looking for other properties because of the seller’s actions.

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