What Should I Know About Creating A Lease?

When creating a lease, a landlord should consider that a number of important factors that must be taken into account for. There are very limited circumstances as to when a landlord can evict a tenant. You want to make sure everything is detailed in the lease, including the household members who are allowed to reside with the tenant, the amount of the rent and a provision that details that the security deposit is maintained in a separate bank account. The name of the bank should be in the lease and the account number should also be included there. If not, the landlord is potentially subject to double damages. This means that the landlord will be required to pay the tenant double the security deposit if the court finds that the landlord did not comply with the statute. It’s very important that you have an attorney to include all this pertinent information because if you go to court, the judge will review the lease to make a decision.

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