What should I know about title insurance?

keys to house with home ownership documents

Purchasing a home is no small decision and it is crucial that you have the correct protection for what is likely the biggest investment in your life. Title insurance will give you the protection you need if someone tries to make a claim against your home. This type of insurance policy can make sure that no one is trying to falsely claim ownership of your home, or other situations that involve the title of your property.

The most common issues are generally disputes regarding an heir, a spouse, or a child. Title insurance underwriters will take a look at the title to make inform you of any potential problems that may arise. They will look at the history of the title of the home. Who owned it before you? Who is in your will to own it if you unexpectedly pass away? These are important matters that can solve disputes before they escalate into a bigger legal problem. If another person tries to claim false ownership of your property, title insurance can help you in putting a stop to their illegitimate claims.

Title insurance policies are generally valid for the entire time that you hold the title to your home. If you have any questions regarding the importance of obtaining a title insurance policy for the protection of your property, contact an experienced title insurance attorney who can provide you with assistance.

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