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Marc Scollar, Esq. has over 25 years of experience helping New York clients navigate the complexity of real estate transactions across Staten Island and the 5 boroughs of New York City. If you need a law firm to represent your needs, Attorney Scollar is here to serve. If you are interested in learning more about REO transactions, also known as Bank Owned Property, contact the firm for a consultation. If you need to refinance your home, you should have an attorney to guide you through your options and protect your rights. If your title is impacted by a lien, you have a major problem and you may need legal support to help you conclude the matter in the best possible way. If you are facing a short sale, you should contact Attorney Scollar today. When a real estate matter goes wrong and you are faced with or need to bring legal action, Marc Scollar, Attorney at Law can litigate your real estate legal matter with zealous and tenacious representation. If you need an experienced attorney, contact our firm.

Bank/Real Estate Owned Properties

For savvy real estate investors, corporate acquisition specialists, brokers, agents, and buyers, bank owned properties, also known as REOs, are some of the most desirable real estate properties available on the market. Many REOs come with better deals, better returns, and less competition. Bank owned properties are still readily available. Across the state of New York, there are countless bank-owned properties ready for the taking.


Refinance is a term that implies the acquisition of new mortgage financing and paying off the existing mortgage. There are many reasons one would need to refinance. Some choose refinancing as a way to consolidate their debt. Others refinance because they have found lower interest rates and would like to save money in the long run. Sometimes, a homeowner would like to rehabilitate the home and they need the extra money.


Property owners try to avoid any legal claim to their apartment, house, commercial buildings or parcel of land. They would like to own a property “free and clear” with a “clean” title. A lien is a claim against property made by someone who needs to secure payment of a debt. In essence, if you have a lien, your property is collateral for the money you owe. If you were to sell a property with a lien, you may face buyers who will pay you much less than asking price or no buyers at all.

Real Estate Litigation

Many things can go wrong in a real estate transaction. When buying or selling property, we hope that the contract, home inspection, financing, and closing go off without a hitch. In some cases, people find themselves in a situation where one party has acted in an unlawful manner. Most people would like to avoid litigation and see their goals of either buying or selling property fulfilled. Unfortunately, unforeseen factors can negatively impact the process.

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