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Real Estate Litigation

Staten Island Real Estate Litigation Attorney

Defending New York clients facing real estate litigation

Many things can go wrong in a real estate transaction. When buying or selling property, we hope that the contract, home inspection, financing, and closing go off without a hitch. In some cases, people find themselves in a situation where one party has acted in an unlawful manner. Most people would like to avoid litigation and see their goals of either buying or selling property fulfilled. Unfortunately, unforeseen factors can negatively impact the process.

Though each party has their own real estate attorney representing their respective needs, if litigation becomes reality, their attorneys will not be able to help. As transactional attorneys, they are primary fact witnesses of what happened that led the parties to litigation. These attorneys will not be able to represent their clients in litigation. Furthermore, transactional attorneys can be the focus of a lawsuit in some cases. When a deal doesn’t close or when serious problems arise, the attorney for either side can find themselves targeted for malpractice. Whether you are one of the parties engaged in the real estate transaction or one of the attorneys who oversaw the process, you may need quality legal services from an experienced real estate litigation attorney. If you need an attorney to assess your case, guide you through your legal options and represent your needs in and out of court, contact Marc Scollar, Attorney at Law.

Will I have to go to court?

Attorney Scollar will explore all means to avoid litigation through alternative dispute resolution. When issues can be addressed out of court it saves all parties time and money. When the other side does not agree to terms or refuses to discuss the situation in good faith, the firm will zealously represent clients in court. Marc Scollar offers clients in New York:

  • Personalized attention: Attorney Scollar will go to trial when it meets the needs of the client. Your goal is the main directive and Mr. Scollar will always act in your best interests. Every client is important.
  • Experience, knowledge, and skill: Handling real estate matters in New York is unique. It takes an experienced, effective, and knowledgeable attorney well-versed in real estate matters.
  • Affordable legal services: Real estate transactions are costly enough. When problems arise, you need an attorney that will meet your legal needs in the most cost-efficient manner possible.

Contact a Staten Island real estate litigation attorney with your interests in mind

Real estate litigation is a complicated matter. If you are a buyer, seller, or transactional attorney facing litigation because of a real estate transaction gone bad, contact Marc Scollar, Esq. Attorney Scollar will explore every legal mean to avoid court and save you the time and money spent on litigation. When all alternatives are exhausted, you can trust in the legal skill of Attorney Scollar. If you need a consultation, contact Marc Scollar, Attorney at Law.

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