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Across New York, selling a home without the services of a real estate agent has become increasingly popular. When once you needed a real estate agent to get the word out about your property, you can now advertise across many mediums, including the internet, at a fraction of the price. If you would like to sell a property without the assistance of a real estate agent, you will have to be willing to do everything the agent would take off your plate, including marketing, salesmanship, and the time and effort it takes to successfully sell a home. Before you start the process, contact an attorney. A knowledgeable attorney can guide you through the process and ensure that you are making the right decisions equipped with the right documents. If you need guidance from an experienced and seasoned real estate attorney, contact Marc Scollar, Attorney at Law.

Some things to consider when deciding if FSBO is right for you

When taking on the task of selling your home without a real estate agent, there are many things you should consider.
Set a fair price for your home:Know your real estate market. Just because you may have an emotional tie to the property or rehabilitated your home with fancy amenities doesn’t mean that others agree it is worth what you believe. You should explore the many resources available to you that will help you reasonably valuate your home.

Marketing: Through the internet and curb appeal, you could be well on your way to selling your home. Buy an attractive sign for your lawn with all of your contact information. Use the many venues available to you on the internet to sell your home, including, the largest registry of FSBO homes in America. Always offer all of the facts. If you are selling your home “as is,” let potential buyers know this fact right off the bat. You do not want to scare off anyone interested in your property.

Dealing with realtors: Even if you have decided to not hire a realtor, you may still be faced with them and you need to be prepared. Sometimes, a realtor will offer to show your house. Other times, a potential buyer is accompanied by one. Whatever the case, you may need to be ready to negotiate the realtor’s fee in the deal. Contact our office to represent your needs in this transaction.

Know what you are talking about: Remember, you are taking the place of a realtor. You should be prepared with all of the answers someone may pose about the house, contract, and the deal. Misinformation or a lack of knowledge is a good way to ruin a potential deal. In addition, your buyers will know that you are not paying a realtor, it is important to let them know that you have already considered this when establishing your sales price.

Always have legal representation: For every step, have an attorney on your side to guide you through the process. Though it may seem like an easy and simple process, real estate transactions are document-heavy and complex. You can easily find yourself in over your head. An attorney can ensure that all the necessary documents are drafted and implemented with your best interests in mind while you take on this monstrous, overwhelming task on your own.

Contact a Staten Island real estate attorney with FSBO experience

If you are trying to sell your home by yourself, you have a long and hazardous road ahead. If successful, you could save a lot of money. However, if you fail, you could have spent a lot of money just to find yourself back at square one. Marc Scollar, Attorney at Law will work to avoid the many issues you face in order to help you realize your goals. Attorney Scollar will work to see that you meet your obligations and are fully educated and prepared for this massive undertaking. If you need quality legal advice through the FSBO process, contact Marc Scollar, Attorney at Law.


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