Residential Construction May End in Staten Island Neighborhoods

There are many neighborhoods throughout Staten Island that are especially prone to flooding, many of which saw devastation during Hurricane Sandy a few years ago. Over 300 homes that were in these neighborhoods were bought out from owners by the state to be torn down. Some of the neighborhoods where homes were torn down include Ocean Breeze, Oakwood, and Graham Beach.

The purpose of tearing down these homes and not rebuilding them is to allow the flood zones to restore themselves naturally. If new homes are built in these neighborhoods, the builders will have to follow a set of rules determined by the Department of City Planning. Some of the rules include that the homes can only be single family residences and that the builder needs to obtain a permit through the City Planning Commission. However, the commission is generally opposed to building any new homes in the area so it may be difficult to build a home.

The goal is to allow these sensitive areas to restore themselves through nature as well as keep city residents in locations that are safer in the event of a major storm that may cause similar devastation to Hurricane Sandy.

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