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Marc Scollar, Attorney at Law is honored to provide effective legal services to New York. As a third-generation real estate lawyer, Attorney Scollar learned from the collective years of experience handed down by his father and grandfather. Since the 1940’s, the Scollar name has been synonymous with all title insurance matters. The firm continues the tradition of excellence regarding title insurance matters. If you need an effective and experienced attorney to protect your rights and interests through your real estate transaction, contact Marc Scollar, Attorney at Law.

What does a title insurance underwriter do?

A title insurance agency reviews the title of a property to ensure ownership and rights to real estate. Our firm will explore the chain of title, looking for anything that could present the owner with challenges. Some of the many issues with titles include:

  • Legal description problems
  • Liens attached to the property
  • Judgments attached to the property
  • Omitted heirs, unreleased marital rights, rights of minors
  • Defective former deeds in the chain of ownership

It is essential that your title agent pays particular attention to public records like deeds, wills, marriage certificates, and other documents that can impact the title and irons out the issues that could impact the owner’s rights.

Why do you need title insurance?

Title insurance is critical in protecting your most important investment, your home. A title insurance policy provides you with a contract that reimburses you in the event that someone asserts a claim against your property. Unfortunately, the most comprehensive due diligence cannot absolutely ensure that no challenges exist. Title insurance protects you against false impersonation of the true owner, forged documents, documents implemented under an invalid or expired power of attorney, undisclosed or missing heirs, misinterpretation, deeds by minors, fraud, and more. In addition, if you do face a problem, title insurance will pay for the legal defense you deserve.

How long can a policy protect you?

For a one-time premium, your policy will remain in effect as long as you or your beneficiaries retain an interest in the property. This provides you with a peace of mind knowing that your home is safe and your investment is sound.

Our partners

Marc Scollar, Attorney at Law is honored to partner with Fidelity National Title Insurance Company and WFG National Title Insurance Company, providing effective legal representation and excellence in title insurance matters. With a family history in the business, Marc Scollar has earned an esteemed reputation for integrity and excellence.

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Marc Scollar, Attorney at Law is an effective and passionate attorney serving Staten Island, New York City, and all of New York State regarding all commercial and residential real estate matters. One of the many real estate services he provides includes title insurance review and issuances of title policies. Being a third generation attorney equips Mr. Scollar with the wisdom and skill handed down from grandfather to father and father to son. Title insurance is very important to the future of your investment. For an initial consultation, contact Marc Scollar, Attorney at Law.