What is a homeowners’ association?

Purchasing property in a condominium complex, town home, apartment building, or gated community will likely require you to pay monthly fees to the homeowners’ association that has been created for your living space. The homeowners’ association may choose to keep things in the community under certain restrictions so, for example, there may only be a certain array of colors that you are allowed to paint your house. They generally help provide the upkeep for amenities that the company has such as a pool or gym facilities. The dues each month also typically cover the trash collection, certain insurance, and money that goes into the reserve fund just in case a disaster destroys parts of the complex.

Each homeowners’ association has different rules and regulations that you should be aware of before deciding to purchase this piece of property. Another question that you should ask before agreeing to purchase in this development is how much the homeowners’ association dues are going to rise each year. You should have an understanding of the restrictions imposed in the community because they may come as a rude awakening and if they are not followed, this may cause some tension within the homeowners’ association and other neighbors.

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